Roast chicken rediscovered

Roast chicken.

In the past year, I have found a whole new appreciation for the humble roast chicken — thanks to chefs Thomas Keller and Ruth Reichl.
From the former, I learned to dry and season both the inside and outside of the bird, truss it and roast at high heat (450 Fahrenheit) for a short time (40 minutes to an hour works well for an average 1-1/2 to 2 kg bird).
From the latter, I learned to trim visible fat, mince and stuff it under the skin of the breast, and to cook the bird on a bed of vegetables. She uses a rack, puts the chicken on top and potatoes, onions and garlic underneath; I forgo the rack and use carrots and onions because, roast chicken means gravy and gravy calls for mashed potatoes.
The result of combining these techniques is a juicy, flavourful bird with a golden, crispy skin — and a great vegetable sidedish.

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