When you find Romas…

Washed and waiting: Just a few of the Romas from a 60-lb box I brought home on the weekend.

“How much does one of those weigh?” I asked, gesturing to a 1-1/9 bushel box of Roma tomatoes under the $20 sign at Joe’s Market.
“Fifty pounds, maybe a little more,” came the reply. “Do you want some help getting one to your car?”
“Yes, please.”
The tomato gods were smiling on me once again — field-fresh Ontario tomatoes and a weekend of cool weather to transform them into whatever my heart desired.
When I got home, I solicited David’s help to lug the box from the back of my car to the kitchen. “Feels like more than 50 pounds,” he opined, heading to the basement for the scale.  Yep, over 60. I had a busy weekend ahead of me.

First up: Tomato sandwiches
Usually I would turn to beefsteaks but the biggest of these Romas were just begging to be made into sandwiches. (Plus, I needed the nourishment before tackling the tougher jobs.) No recipe required here, but my favourite version features lightly toasted light rye with a skim coat of mayo, thickly cut ripe tomatoes, salt and pepper. Take it up a notch with sliced avocado, havarti or bacon.

Next: Piquante sauce


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