Blight? Shite!

San Marzano plant, post pruning.

I have no one to blame but myself — although I can’t help but be a little annoyed at the grower where I bought the tiny Tim plant I am convinced started it all. But it was me who nearly ignored the problem, just cutting off the infected branches earlier this summer and hoping for the best.
The end result is my tomatoes plants — 12 San Marzano, two mule team, one Moira, one brown berry, one Thai pink egg and that one treacherous tiny Tim — were infected by what I think is either early blight or septoria leaf spot. Last week, I pulled out the worst infected ones — Tim and the Thai pink egg — and disposed of them in a yard waste bag. I did manage to harvest a dozen or so lovely fruit from the latter.
The rest received a severe pruning to remove the infected leaves. The result is not pretty, but I am hoping for a small harvest. I have 10 to 15 healthy tomatoes at varying degrees of ripeness on each of the San Marzano plants and am not realistically expecting anymore.

Thai pink egg tomatoes

This is a mere fraction of the dozens I usually harvest per paste tomato plant and puts a crimp in my preserving plans.


2 thoughts on “Blight? Shite!

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  2. I *love* the title of this post and is exactly how I felt when I noticed blight affecting my tomato plants. I’m not exactly sure where you are (one post mentioned St. Lawrence Market, so we’re talking Toronto?), but I’m in NB and it’s been a long, wet, cold summer and I’m not the only one with blight. Made me feel a little better, as I was beating myself up for being such a crappy tomato grower. Not sure it’s affected the yield, but my garden looks wretched and I’m embarassed for anyone to see it.

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